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BCFC Announces Top 10 Most Egregious Examples of Unfair Government Competition for 2015

CRS Memo - White House Conferences on Small Business (11-16-2015)

BCFC Letter to Rep. Marsha Blackburn Regarding HR 3767 (1-4-2016)

BCFC Statement on GPO to House Oversight and Government Reform Committee (10-21-2015)

BCFC Statement on Unfair University Competition and UBIT to House Ways and Means Committee (10-7-2015)

House Letter to UNICOR on Commissary Work (7-9-2015)

Yellow Pages Caucus Dear Colleague by Rep. Sessions (TX) (6-5-2015)

HR 2044 (FFGCA) Dear Colleague by Rep. Duncan (TN) (6-3-2015)

BCFC president quoted in NASBP quarterly publication article focusing on importance of coalitions

OMB Answers to Rep. Black on A-76 Insourcing

CFC Letter to Senators Moran and Tester

BCFC Cosigns Coalition Letter on PLAs in U.S. Senate

In Wake of Email Debate, BCFC Asks What Else Hillary Clinton Plans on Privatizing

OMB-OFPP Response to Rep Duncan (TN) on FAIR Act Inventory

BCFC Letter to Rep. Sean Duffy Regarding HR 353

BCFC Letter Supporting HB 917

BCFC Announces Top Ten Most Egregious Examples of Unfair Government Competition for 2014

BCFC to Release Top 10 Most Egregious Examples of Unfair Government Competition for 2014

BCFC Applauds Obama Administration's Willingness to Consider Selling Unneeded Federal Property

BCFC_ WhiteHouseFederalPropertySalePress Release.pdf
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A2LA Issue Paper - Government Agency Competition with Private Sector

BCFC News Release - 16th Anniversary of Key Federal Law

Rep. Duncan (TN) Letter to OMB Director Donovan on FAIR Act Inventories (10-BCFC White House Federal Property Sale Press Release_jp.pdf
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Reps. Gingrey (GA) and Blackburn (TN) Dear Colleague for HR 5268.pdf
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October 3, 2014
BCFC Letter to Special Panel (Duncan-Capuano) on P3s (9-16-2014).pdf
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BCFC Issue Paper - P3s.pdf
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BCFC Letter to Special Panel (Duncan-Capuano) on P3s (9-16-2014)

BCFC Letter to FCC on Unfair Government Competition from Municipal Broadband

June 23, 2014

BCFC Letter to Secretary of Education on Gainful Employment Notice of Proposed Rulemaking May 27, 2014

Support for Rep. Jenkins' (KS) Amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2014

The Jenkins (KS) amendment #135 would have created a moratorium on the insourcing of previously contracted activities within DOD. Exceptions would be made (1) if the activity was “inherently governmental”, and thereby should never have been contracted out in the first place; and (2) if DOD would employ a “reverse A-76” to itemize specific costs saved to the taxpayer should the DOD be able to perform the commercial activity more efficiently for the taxpayer. This amendment helps prevent the outright conversion of "commercial activities"-- such as mapping, surveying and geospatial activities-- from private sector firms into DOD performance. It also requires an official cost accounting be performed and documented to identify whether DOD performance is more cost effective than the private sector contractor. In addition, the amendment helps protect private sector firms, including small business, from losing contracts taken away unfairly by the Federal government.

Rep. Duffy's Dear Colleague for H.R. 3508 May 2, 2104
Sen. Walsh "Fact Sheet" on CUTS Act May 2014

BCFC Letter Supporting H.R. 3508, to Increase Contracting Out for VA Hearing Aid Services February 6, 2014

BCFC Letter Supporting Mississippi House Bill Restricting Prison Industry Competition with Private Sector January 30, 2014

BCFC Letter Supporting HR 2537 to Increase Contracting Out in Transit Options January 17, 2014

Dear Colleague Letter invites Members of Congress to Join the "Yellow Pages" Caucus January 15, 2014

59 Years After A-76 Predecessor, Government Competition Persists; Federal Policy Needed to Implement "Yellow Pages Test" January 15, 2014

BCFC Releases Top Ten Most Egregious Examples of Unfair Government Competition for 2013 January 4, 2014

Coalition Letter (Cosigned by 43 Organizations) Promotes Privatization Option to Chairman Ryan November 13, 2013

Fox News Report: What to Cut? Federal gov't takes on more duties, as states take on less
October 25, 2013 featuring interview with BCFC President John Palatiello

Key Federal Law Reaches 15th Anniversary: FAIR Act Saves Taxpayer Dollars and Promotes Private Sector Business Opportunities October 21, 2013

BCFC President John Palatiello's Testimony Before House Ways and Means Committee February 14, 2013 

Key Federal Procurement Policy Reaches 58th Anniversary January 15, 2012

Survey of State Laws on Privatization

Beware of Credit Unions: Unfair Government-Sponsored Competition December 17, 2012

Business Coalition Offers $795 Billion in Budget Savings to Fiscal Cliff Negotiations December 10, 2012

Business Coalition Letter to Congressional Leadership Identifying $795 Billion in Budget Savings for Fiscal Cliff Negotiations December 7, 2012

 2012 BCFC Congressional Key Vote Scorecard September 27, 2012

Business Coalition Releases Government Competition "Key Vote Scorecard" for 112th Congress September 27, 2012

Fire The National Weatherman, Competitive Enterprise Institute

Yellow Pages Caucus- SpaceX Briefing September 12, 2012

OMB Report: Guidance for Sequestration September 2012
BCFC Testifies Before Congress on the Need to Reform Federal Prison Industries Contracting June 28, 2012

Broad Coalition Letter to Highway Bill Conferees Opposing Bingaman Anti-P3 Provision” (6-7-2012)  June 7, 2012

Organizations Urge End to Pentagon Competition with Private Business May 8,2012

Key Federal Procurement Policy Reaches 57th Anniversary January 14, 2012

BCFC Listed as a Supporter in the 'Dear Colleague Letter' of H.R. 3634 in the Federal Prison Industries Reform Act of 2011 January 12, 2012

BCFC Issue Paper on Insourcing Released December 2011

BCFC Letter to Rep. Sam Johnson (R-TX) Supporting H.R. 2528, the "Taxpayer Freedom to File Protection Act of 2011" December 9, 2011

BCFC Letter to Rep. Peter Roskam (R-IL) Supporting H.R. 2569, the "Free File Program Act of 2011" December 9, 2011

16 House Members Write Appropriations Chairman Rogers Urging a ‘Clean’ Omnibus Appropriations Bill December 7, 2011

Seven Senators Write Appropriations Urging Removal of Language Harmful to the Private Sector November 10, 2011

BCFC Writes Appropriations Committee Urging Temoval of Murray Provision in Transportation Section of First Minibus, HR 2112 November 4, 2011

BCFC Identifies Harmful Language in H.R. 2354, the Second “Minibus” for Removal by Amendment November 1, 2011

H.R. 2354

American Bus Association (ABA) Writes House Transportation Committee Opposing Anti-Taxpayer and Anti-Private Sector Provision to Senate Transportation Appropriations Bill Sponsored by Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) (October 2011)

United Motorcoach Association (UMA) Writes House Transportation Committee Opposing Anti-Taxpayer and Anti-Private Sector Provision to Senate Transportation Appropriations Bill Sponsored by Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) (October 2011)

BCFC Letter Supporting Thune Amendment to H.R. 2112, the 2012 Department of Agriculture Appropriations Act October 20, 2011

Senator John Thune (SD) Amendments to H.R. 2112, the "minibus" for Senate Appropriations for USDA, Commerce-Justice-Sciences, and Transportation and HUD

BCFC Lists Senate Appropriations Bills Provisions Harmful to Contractors and the Private Sector

BCFC Letter Supporting H.R. 1734, the "Civilian Property Realignment Act" October 13, 2011

RSC Legislative Briefing Highlights Support for H.R. 2587

BCFC Letter in Support of H.R. 2587, the NLRB Bill Spurred by Boeing Case July 21, 2011

21 Congressmen Sign Letter Urging House Appropriations Committee to Prevent Government Competition With Private Businesses July 18, 2011

Congressional Insourcing Letter to Chairman Rogers July 14, 2011

BCFC Letter Supporting Sessions Amendment to H.R. 2354, Energy and Water Development Bill July 11, 2011

BCFC Letter of Support of Amash Amendment to H.R. 2219 July 5, 2011

BCFC Letter of Support for Sessions Amendment to H.R. 2219 June 23, 2011

31 Organizations Sign Letter Urging House Appropriations Committee to Prevent Government Competition With Private Businesses June 22, 2011

Coalition Letter to Appropriations Committee Chairman Harold Rogers (R-KY) June 22, 2011

BCFC Applauds A-76 Amendment to House Agriculture Appropriations Bill June 16, 2011

H.R. 2112 Floor Debate on Sessions' Amendment to Agriculture Agriculture Appropriations Bill June 14, 2011

BCFC Letter Supporting Rep. Pete Sessions Amendment to HR 2112  June 14, 2011

BCFC Applauds A-76 Amendment to House DHS Appropriations Bill June 3, 2011

Rep. Pete Sessions Press Release and Video regarding Amendment to HR 2017 June 2, 2011

BCFC Letter Supporting Sessions Amendment to HR 2017 June 2, 2011

BCFC Applauds Insourcing Moratorium Amendment to House Defense Bill May 26, 2011

BCFC Letter Supporting Rep. Nan Hayworth Insourcing Amendment to NDAA

BCFC Cosigns Coalition Letter on DoD Amendment Regarding Draft Executive Order Regarding Contractors Political Spending May 25, 2011

BCFC Letter to Obama Administration on Draft Executive Order on Contractors Political Spending May 10, 2011

BCFC Applauds Introduction of Freedom From Government Competition Act in Congress April 12, 2011

BCFC Insourcing Report for Chairman Buck McKeon April 11, 2011

BCFC co-signs letter to Leader Boehner - Gainful Employment Letter 3-18-11

BCFC co-signs letter to Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and the Virginia Legislature in support of the creation of Virginia Free File

BCFC Letter Supporting Rep. Pete Sessions Amendment for Insourcing Moratorium

American Conservative Union (ACU) Letter Supporting Rep. Pete Sessions Insourcing Amendment

BCFC Applauds Adoption of Private Security Screener Amendment to FAA Bill

BCFC Urges Senate to Approve the Blunt Amendment to the FAA Reauthorization

Modified- Text of Blunt Amendment to FAA Reauthorization

Text of Blunt Amendment to FAA Reauthorization

BCFC Provides Republican Study Committee Chair Jordan list of cuts/savings of $517 billion for Federal budget by utilizing the private sector

BCFC Submits Comments to Representative Issa on Unfair Government Competition with the Private Sector

BCFC Applauds President on Signing Defense Authorization without 'Insourcing' Provision
Congressman-Elect Mick Mulvaney (SC-5) Targets Insourcing Policy of Obama Administration

Video timing of remarks on government spending and “insourcing” found in 1:40-2:50 of 22 minute interview.

BCFC Freshmen Connections in 112th Congress

News Release: Business Coalition Releases Government Competition "Key Vote Scorecard" for 111th Congress

Key Vote Scorecard

BCFC has briefed 60+ Candidates on government competition issues, view the complete list

The Daily Caller on Health Care Waivers: BCFC President Says Government Picks Winners and Losers

BCFC Co-Signs Coalition Letter Opposing Senate DISCLOSE Act

BCFC PowerPoint on 2010 Virginia Small Business Summit Procurement Panel

Federal Insourcing Panel No Taxpayer Savings, Private Sector Damage

Rep. Nan Hayworth Statement and floor video on insourcing

Rep. Nan Hayworth Insourcing Amendment 202 to NDAA

BCFC Submission of Insourcing Examples to OFPP - September 7, 2010

Government, Inc.: the cost of government competition with private enterprise - BCFC President's Labor Day Opinion published by The Daily Caller

NEWS RELEASE: 36 Organizations Sign Letter to President Obama Urging Halt to Insourcing Agenda

Coalition Letter to President Obama - Insourcing Moratorium August 19, 2010

NEWS RELEASE: Business Coalition Urges OMB to Halt Insourcing

BCFC Letter to OMB Acting Director Jeffrey Zients Regarding Insourcing Moratorium

BCFC Opposes Internet Regulation by Co-signing Letter to FCC

BCFC Letter Opposing DISCLOSE Act - S. 3628, July 31, 2010

BCFC Signs Onto Letter With Other Private Sector Association Opposing DISCLOSE ACT (S. 3628)

BCFC President Testifies Before Presidential Deficit Commission

BCFC Submits Public Comments on Small Business Contracting Obstacles

BCFC President Tells Small Business Contracting Forum: Halt Insourcing

BCFC President Interviewed on Obama’s Insourcing Agenda

BCFC President Says Contracting Out to Be Severely Restricted

BCFC President Co-Publishes Real Property Inventory Guides

BCFC Presentation Before the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform

BCFC President featured: Newsmax - Obama's Hidden War on Competition Costs Taxpayers

BCFC Sends Comments to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi objecting to DISCLOSE Act

BCFC Sends Comments to OFPP on 'Inherently Governmental'

Rep. Sam Graves Urges Narrow Definition of 'Inherently Governmental' in Letter to OFPP

BCFC Quoted:  Administration puts its stamp on 'inherently governmental' - From Government

OMB Draft Guidance on 'Inherently Governmental'

13 Organizations Sign Letter to President Obama Urging Narrow 'Inherently Governmental' Redefinition

BCFC Co-signs Letter to President Obama Addressing ‘Inherently Governmental'

BCFC Opinion Article: Key Policy for Federal Government Utilization of the Private Sector for Goods and Services

January 15, 2010 is the 55th Anniversary of the Bureau of the Budget Bulletin 55-4 (January 15, 1955)

BCFC Compiling Examples of Government Competition from Stimulus Bill

Rep. Latta Thanks BCFC for Opposing Unfair Government Competition with Private Sector in Healthcare Bill

BCFC Letter to Congressional Leaders Opposing Government Insurance Program

BCFC Highlighted Excerpts from OMB Director Jeffery Zients Written Testimony

Written Testimony OMD Deputy Director for Management and Chief Performance Office Jeffery Zients before Senate Panel October 28, 2009

Public Options Are Ill Conceived - Op Ed from John Palatiello, BCFC President in The CONNECTION newspaper (Reston, VA)

BCFC Signs Coalition Letter to President Obama opposing Government Run Health Care that Would Compete Against Private Sector (PDF)

Duncan Introduces Bill to Prevent Government Competition with Small Business
Office of Representative John J. Duncan, Jr., June 4, 2009

Thune Introduces Legislation to Protect Private Sector Businesses from Unfair Government Competition  June 3, 2009 Office of Senator John Thune, June 3, 2009

Coalition Launched to Promote Increased Government Use of Private Enterprise June 3, 2009

"Private Sector Jobs Now!" - Media Event
January 15, 2010
National Press Club

News Release
Summary Documents

Federal Contracting Event

Friday, August 21
Guest Speaker:
Mathew Blum,
Associate Administrator, Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP),
Office of Management and Budget (OMB)

Unfair Government Competition: A Threat to the U.S. Economy
Hosted by The Heritage Foundation
June 3, 2009
Video Now Available Here
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CRS Report: Insourcing Functions Performed by Federal Contractors An Overview of the Legal Issues (11/15)

CRS Report: Circular A-76 and the Moratorium on DOD Competitions Background and Issues for Congress (11/28)

Reps. Johnson and Reichert Dear Colleague on H.R. 2528

Reps. Johnson and Reichert News Release on H.R. 2528

Reps. Johnson and Reichert One-Page on H.R. 2528

Reps. Roskam and Kind Dear Colleague on H.R. 2569

Reps. Roskam and Kind News Release on H.R. 2569

Reps. Roskam and Kind One-Pager on H.R. 2569

Bartlett Cleland: The Definition of Municipal Broadband Insanity October 6, 2011

Bloomberg Government: Small Business Hard Hit as Obama Takes Back Contractors' Work July 19, 2011

CPRA Working Group List of Improvements to HR1734 July 6, 2011

CBO Response to Chairman Issa on Real Property Disposal June 27, 2011

Political Spending Draft Executive Order April 13, 2011

For all the latest government competition news follow our twitter feed.

Senate Omnibus Appropriations Bill (12-15-2010)

FAR Council - Executive Compensation 

Government Services Industry Report Highlights Insourcing Momentum

SBA’s Advocacy Office Cautions on Inherently Governmental Proposal

Department of Labor: Federal Contractors Workplace Notice – Union Organization

Should cities be in the business of running businesses ranging from convention centers to farmers markets? Selling off golf courses, contracting out parking concessions, and all manner of public-private partnerships are generating billions of dollars in revenue and dramatically improving city services in places such as Chicago and Indianapolis. Will Cleveland's elected officials learn the right lessons in time?

Reason Saves Cleveland with Drew Carey is written and produced by Paul Feine; camera and editing by Roger Richards and Alex Manning; narrated by Nick Gillespie; music by the Cleveland band Cats on Holiday.

These are the first three of six episodes that will air between March 15-19, 2010

Why, What, & How to Privatize City Services

Louisiana Announces Privatization of Insurance Program

Small Business Gets Well Deserved Victory

Sen. Reid JOBS Amendment, February 12, 2010

OFPP Nominee Statement before Senate Confirmation Hearing

Health-Care Anger Has Deeper Roots - The Wall Street Journal, Janet Adamy and Jonathan Weisman, September 1, 2009

Obama cuts pay raises for federal workers - The Hill, Sam Youngman, August 31, 2009

Postal Service-Style Health Care - Atlas Society, Edward Hudgins, August 14, 2009

"Death of Small Business in America" FOX News, Glenn Beck Special, August 17, 2009.

Bi-Partisan Members of Subcommittee Seek Private Sector  for Satellite Imagery the Department of Defense Demands Government Executive, June 21, 2009

S. 1390 - Defense Authorization - temporarily suspends A-76 within DoD - Section 323

Section 323 Temporary Susension of Authority for Public-Private Competitions
(a) Temporary Suspension- During the period beginning on the date of the enactment of this Act and ending on the date on which the Secretary of Defense submits to the congressional defense committees the certification described in subsection (b), no study or public-private competition regarding the conversion to contractor performance of any function of the Department of Defense performed by civilian employees may be begun or announced pursuant to section 2461 of title 10, United States Code, Office of Management and Budget Circular A-76, or any other authority.
(b) Certification- The certification described in this subsection is a certification that--
(1) the Secretary of Defense has completed and submitted to Congress a complete inventory of contracts for services for or on behalf of the Department of Defense in compliance with the requirements of subsection (c) of section 2330a of title 10, United States Code; and
(2) the Secretary of each military department and the head of each Defense Agency responsible for activities in the inventory is in compliance with the review and planning requirements of subsection (e) of such section.

Manufacturing Stabilizes, but Labor Market Is Still Weak - The Wall Street Journal, July 2, 2009

ADP Estimates U.S. Companies Cut Payrolls by 473,000 - Bloomberg, July 1, 2009

NASA turns to private companies to deliver cargo to space station - McClatchy Newspapers, June 26, 2009

Good Ideas on Government and the Private Sector from Senator Thune BusinessTrends Blog, Raymond J. Keating, Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council, June 16, 2009

Bill Would Aid Private Firms, Duncan Wants to Give Companies Better Shot at Government Jobs, Knoxville News Sentinel, June 16, 2009

Spending Stimulus Money Takes Money, The Washington Post, June 12, 2009

Pendulum Swings
Elizabeth Newell Government Executive Blog, June 4, 2009

Govs. Paterson, Schwarzenegger and Rendell: "The Moment for Public-Private Partnerships Is Now" Leonard Gilroy, The Reason Foundation, June 4, 2009

Schwarzenegger Outlines Need for Privatization, Budget Reform in California Leonard Gilroy, The Reason Foundation, June 2, 2009

Contracting for the common defense James Jay Carafano, The Heritage Foundation, June 2, 2009

NY State Commission, Governor Embrace Privatization for Infrastructure Development Leonard Gilroy, The Reason Foundation, June 2, 2009

Thune seeks to protect private-sector from 'unfair' government competition The Daily Republic, June 3, 2009

Florida Gov. Crist Vetoes Anti-Privatization Bill The Reason Foundation May 28, 2009

ATR Calculates Life Cycle Cost of New Federal Employees  Americans For Tax Reform, May 27, 2009

California voters kill budget measures LA Times, May 20, 2009

Schwarzenegger Uses State Land Inventory; Proposes Sale of Properties to Lower Deficit - Los Angeles Times, May 14, 2009

It's A Good Time To Work for Uncle Sam - CBS Blog, ECONWatch, May 11, 2009

Obama Team Outlines Its Management Agenda - Government, May 11, 2009

Obama to provide $50 million to nonprofits  The White House, May 5

Senate Bill to Gut Federal Contracting -The Reason Foundation, April 29, 2009

Federal Competitive Sourcing Saved Taxpayers $7.2 Over the Last Five Years - The Reason Foundation, April 7, 2009

President Orders Review of Federal Contracting System - The Washington Post, March 5, 2009


More A-76 Resources

Memorandum, July 29, 2009 - Managing the Multi-Sector Workforce

President Reagan’s Executive Order on Commercial Activities

Federal Legislation

Freedom From Government Competition Act (FFGCA)
S. 1167  Introduced by Senator John Thune (SD)
H.R. 2682 Introduced by Representative John J. Duncan, Jr. (TN)

Freedom From Government Competition Act (FFGCA) Section By Section Analysis
Dear Colleague Letter from Senator John Thune (SD)
Dear Colleague Letter from Congressman John "Jimmy" Duncan, Jr. (TN)
Freedom From Government Competition Act (FFGCA) One Pager

Draft Outline of Legislation Restricting Government Contractors from Engaging in Independent Political Expenditures

“Federal Employee Reduction and Limitation Act” – S. 3747 by Mr. Hatch (UT) - Provides for a reduction and limitation on the total number of Federal employees (8/5

Terms & Definitions
DSCA - Inherently Governmental Functions Determination

GAO Terms Related to Privatization Activities and Process

Non-Profit Competition

National Science Foundation Policy

University Competition

Sample University Policies

Arizona Board of Regents

Federal Prison Industries Reform

Federal Prison Industry Reform

Federal Prison Industry Reform Regulation

Local Transit Authority Competition With Federal Funds

Final Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Charter Service Rule – January 14, 2008

Final FTA School Bus Policy Statement - September 16, 2008

FTA Notice of Proposed Rulemaking – School Bus Operations – November 18, 2008
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